Ecumenical Award

This award is given to a work in the ON THE RISE competition that demonstrates high artistic quality and expresses a human point of view that is in line with the Scriptures or encourages an examination of the biblical tradition and sensitises the audience to spiritual, social or ethical values.

This award is presented by the Ecumenical Jury, which consists of five members of the inter-church film networks INTERFILM and SIGNIS. Mannheim is one of the first film festivals ever to establish a church jury: The church jury has been present at the film festival in Mannheim (and later Mannheim-Heidelberg) since 1963, initially under the name INTERFILM, and since 1995 together with the Catholic partner organisation SIGNIS as the Ecumenical Jury.

This is our Ecumenical Jury 2023!

Lotta Lundberg, Berlin

Lotta Lundberg (* 1961 in Uppsala, Sweden) is a price awarding Swedish Writer and Columnist, living in Berlin since 2004. She is translated to several languages and has published over ten novels. Her writing concerns existential questions, she disuses themes such as dignity, identity, society taboos and boundaries. She has a degree in Political Science from Uppsala University and worked as a tour guide behind the iron curtain in the 80th. Lundberg is a board member of VAP, (Vererin der Ausländischen Presse) in Berlin, and writes a regular column for the Swedish Daily, Svenska Dagbladet.

Markus Leniger, Köln/Schwerte

Dr. Markus Leniger (*1968) studied history and received his doctorate in 2004 with a thesis on National Socialist resettlement policy. As director of studies at the Catholic Academy in Schwerte, he is responsible for conferences on „Film and Theology“, the film series „Kirchen und Kino. Der Filmtipp” and co-editor of the series „Religion, Film, Media“. Chairman of the Catholic Film Commission for Germany; member of the International Research Group „Film and Theology“; member of the Ecumenical Juries Berlinale 2010, 2013, 2017 and 2022 as well as Mannheim-Heidelberg 2014. Publications on film topics include the current situation of the Catholic Church in Poland, the image of the family and medicine/ethics in film.

András Petrik, Budapest

András Petrik (*1974) born und raised up in Budapest. He is screenwriter, director and cinematographer. After having graduated with a master in History and Geography at the Eötvös University in 2001, he studied and worked in Berlin. In 2008, he graduated from the German Film-
and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). Since 2004, he has worked internationally as a film and TV director, screenwriter and cinematographer. His films have been awarded at many prestigious festivals. Currently, he is writing for movie-scripts and tv-series.

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