World premiere in an intimate atmosphere

›The First Fallen‹ infects cinephile audiences with cinematic poetry

Love, lust, passion in the second feature film by Brazilian Rodrigo de Oliveira:
Actually universal themes, which were discussed at the world premiere of the LGBTQ drama ›The First Fallen‹ were negotiated in the presence of cast and crew without any supposed taboo - if you missed the film, you should definitely still catch up with it in the cinema or in the IFFMH stream!

Of course, another highlight of yesterday's festival day: when producer Bettina Brokemper was honoured at the screening of ›Hannah Arendt‹ was honoured by director Jan Bonny, and Bonny thanked Brokemper for always inspiring bold productions. Brokemper, in turn, thanked the festival for putting the producer's profession in the spotlight.

We say: "Great, great, great!" to this power woman.