Iranian Revolution

IFFMH stands by the Iranian protestors

A revolution is taking place in Iran. After decades of oppression and dashed hopes, the people are taking to the streets, calling for their rights, demanding freedom and democracy. The mullah regime’s response to these legitimate demands is extreme brutality. Many protesters have been killed, among them children and youths. Others are tortured, locked up, or they have disappeared. Artists and media professionals are not only restricted in their work, they live in severe danger. In their desire for freedom, however, the women and men of Iran are not letting themselves be intimidated. They courageously continue to protest, putting their own lives on the line. On the part of Western politicians and the media, their struggle receives far too little attention.

We, the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, want to highlight the human rights scandal unfolding in Iran and declare our unconditional solidarity with the protesters’ ambitions for freedom. We categorically condemn the brutal and ruthless actions of the regime.

The solidarity note in Farsi: