Rage against the machine

Emancipatory and anti-authoritarian cinema somewhere between hope and hopelessness

When authoritarian systems cross borders, force people into servitude and patriarchy rages in full force: ›Women Do Cry‹ tells of the struggle of women in Bulgaria for co-determination and equal rights. Director Vesela Kazakova talks with actress Liliana Kazakova about the excesses of toxic masculinity. Also in ›Vera Dreams of the Sea‹ it is about patriarchy and how to rebel against authoritarian structures. In conversation with the Mannheim audience, director Kaltrina Kransiqi, screenwriter Dorontina Basha and actress Tenta Ajdini Jegeni will also talk about the main character Vera's cold revenge on the male reign of terror today at 9:15 pm at the Cineplex Plankenauch.

Another form of social oppression is the focus of ›The Sleeping Negro‹ by director Skinner Myers: anger, alienation and, not least, everyday racism plunge a young African-American into a veritable existential crisis in this character study. The film team will talk to the audience about oppression and its consequences today at 5 p.m. at the Atlantis and at 9.30 p.m. at the Luxor.
If, on the other hand, you feel like returning to the good old days full of flower power - not least, perhaps, because you identify with the rebellious zeitgeist - our short film block 1967-1970 is recommended to your hippie heart. Director Adolf Winkelmann also talks about his selfie film ›Adolf Winkelmann, Kassel, 9.12.1972‹. The short film block can be seen at 20:45 in the Karlstorkino.

In this spirit: Peace, love and harmony!