MINDBOMBS at Kunsthalle Mannheim

Our partners are opening their new exhibition

Our partners at Kunsthalle Mannheim are celebrating an opening today and we wish them a successful exhibition launch.

The exhibition MINDBOMBS opens an artistic perspective on the history and political iconography of modern terrorism. 20 years after September 11 and ten years after the discovery of the NSU in Germany, the exhibition is dedicated to the fighting term of terrorism and its changes in history from the French Revolution to the present. For the first time, the effects of social revolutionary, far-right, and jihadist terror on visual culture are presented together in three sections. Works by Kader Attia, Forensic Architecture, Ariel Reichman, Morehshin Allahyari, Olaf Metzel, Almut Linde, Henrike Naumann, Thomas Ruff, Francis Alÿs, and Gerhard Richter, among others, will be on display.

MINDBOMBS can be seen from 10.09.21 to 24.04.22 at the Kunsthalle Mannheim. Information about the exhibition and an extensive supporting program can be found directly at Kunsthalle Mannheim.

We will cooperate with the Kunsthalle Mannheim again in the context of our section FACING NEW CHALLENGES – you will find more information about this year's project here, soon.

Photo: Gerhard Richter, September, 2009, © Gerhard Richter Archiv, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.