Doubling down

Cathrin Ehrlich and Anselm Scherer contribute their expertise to the festival

The multi-talented Cathrin Ehrlich is deeply rooted in the German film landscape thanks to her years of work as an assistant director and dramaturge, her commitment to public television and her many years as director of the Baden-Baden Television Film Festival. For her, there is nothing better than watching a film and talking about it with others afterwards. "I do that very often and with great pleasure, and preferably in a nice cinema with family or friends and a packet of ice cream confectionery," says Cathrin.

Film scholar Anselm Scherer, on the other hand, has gained festival experience at established greats of the German festival landscape such as Filmfest Hamburg or the Berlin Week of Criticism and has been the programme designer of the Karlstorkino in Heidelberg since last November. The best prerequisites for the curatorial work at the IFFMH.