IFFMH Live: Director's Talk #1

Tuesday, November 17, 7PM on Zoom and Facebook Live

Sabrina Doyle, Dani Rosenberg and Nicolás Pereda speak with Festival Director Sascha Keilholz about their films, transformative power, cinematic spaces and breaking the rules.

Sabrina Doyle, initially works for the BBC for several years, her short films are shown at numerous festivals. Her feature film debut Lorelei celebrates its German premiere at the IFFMH this year and competes for all six prizes in the ON THE RISE competition. We are curious to hear what she has to say about her work, which is gripping social drama and magical love story at the same time, and its genesis.

Dani Rosenberg, director and screenwriter of our opening film The Death of Cinema and My Father Too, will also talk about his very personal film and his love for cinema. Marek Rozenbaum, who as a producer is no stranger to the IFFMH where Good Morning Son, which he produced, was screened last year, played the role of the father.

Like Rosenberg, Ruthy Pribar graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem, but six years later. And there is another parallel: during the preparations for her debut Asia, which focuses on a mother-daughter relationship, she became a mother herself. For the role of the daughter she was able to win over shooting star Shira Haas, whom many know from Unorthodox.

Fourth member of the group is Nicolás Pereda. He not only directed Fauna, but also produced it and wrote the script. Pereda is no stranger on the international festival stage and we want to learn more about his work, his, the idea of cinema and his view of Mexico.