Anything but a donkey ride

Michelangelo Frammartino pays tribute to his namesake

The one and only Michelangelo Frammartino returns with his cinematic parforceride ›Il Buco‹. At Town House N1 today at 6pm, Frammartino talks about his creative process in making his film about an expedition to southern Italy. Unfortunately not to be spoken to in person, but to be admired for a whopping 93 minutes: the caves and landscapes that play the real starring role in the film. Don't be asses and grab the nearest tuktuk to the cinema!

Kyoshi Sugita's ›Haruhara-san's Recorder‹ is formally uncompromising and emotionally delicate. He and the team will be talking about his open, elliptical narrative style at Luxor 2 in Heidelberg at 5pm. But please turn off the cameras in the cinema.