"Well, how would you have behaved?

You can watch AGAIN/NOCH EINMAL by Mario Pfeifer online starting today and until the end of the festival.

In the 38-minute film, Pfeifer takes up the case of Schabas Al-Aziz, who was beaten by four men in 2016 after a fight in a supermarket, dragged out of the shop and tied to a tree. It was only the police that freed him. A customer filmed the situation and the video went viral. The proceedings were discontinued in 2017, partly because the victim, and thus witness and main accuser at the same time, was found dead in a forest before the trial began.

Pfeifer Again takes a look at the events and asks new questions. He puts together a jury of German citizens, who are then to examine and judge the events. Among them are people with migration experiences. We see different attitudes and perspectives. The assessment of the incident mixes with their own life experiences. The moderators are the actors Mark Waschke and Dennenesch Zoudé, who ask the participants and spectators alike: "Well, how would you have behaved?