On the shoulders of giants

Women stand up against social constraints, expectations - and against monsters

Joining us today on IFFMH STREAM: In ›Zero Fucks Given‹ stewardess Cassandra gets caught up in the exploitative machinery of a budget airline. Forced to grapple with how to find her place in the world and take control of her life again. Documentary filmmaker Claire Simon tells of self-determination in life, love and art. In her film ›I Want To Talk About Duras‹ she fictionalises a famous interview with the artist Marguerite Duras's last companion, delving into the emotional depths of a modern love that questions categories of masculinity and femininity, heterosexuality and homosexuality.

And in the children's film ›Nelly Rapp‹ the titular heroine also demonstrates courage and assertiveness against the adult world - and as a monster agent discovers friendship and cohesion in completely unexpected creatures.