Head cinema and dream journeys

Road movies lead into inner worlds and real landscapes

Cinema has always been a point of escape and a dream world, and no genre sums up this quality like the road movie. In our streaming offer, you can accompany the filmmakers of this year's programme on their journeys safely and on schedule. For example, in our youth film ›Short Vacation‹ by the directing duo Han-Sol Seo and Kwon Min-pyo, in which four girls simply move on at the end of the railway line to see what adventures await them beyond the horizon at home.

If you want the journey to go a little further afield, ›Zero Fucks Given‹ from our ON THE RISE competition is the way to go. Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre accompany the stewardess Cassandra on a trip of self-discovery between hypercapitalism and the digital world: the character study of a nomad between inhospitable transit locations, in search of a way out of transcendental homelessness.

In our retrospective, Ingemo Engström, Gerhard Theuring walk in the footsteps of Anna Seghers and link in ›Fluchtweg nach Marseille‹ on the trail of her book "Transit": Katharina Thalbach and Rüdiger Vogler quote passages from the book, documentary footage shows the places Seghers passed on her actual flight, and contemporary witnesses give accounts. The result is a cross-genre work that blends feature film and documentary, past and present, and crosses national borders.