Panel: Cinema of Splendour / Fashion & Film

25.11.2022 18:00

Fashion and costumes play an important role in shaping the look of any film. The clothing and this look of the film are an art form in its own right. Fashion has an impact on film, and film, in turn, has an impact on fashion. They mutually influence one another. The further back films look into the past, the more the protagonists’ clothes represent an overlap between the time when the film was made and when it is set. And, like fashion, film costumes are also subject to historical change. The panel discussion will explore these and other facets of the topic.

With: Marketa Uhlirova, art historian and director of the Fashion in Film Festival | Sylvie Verheyde, film director, participating at the IFFMH with the 1980s-set drama ›Stella in Love‹ | Esther Walz, costume designer; recipient of the German Film Award 2016; collaborated with Michelangelo Antonioni, Sylvie Verheyde, and Werner Herzog, among others.

Moderation: Hannes Wesselkämper

Friday, 25.11. | 6:00 pm | Cinema Quadrat | Duration: approx. 70 minutes | Language: English


  • Free EntranceFriday 25.11.202218:00with GuestsMannheimMACinema Quadrat