Masterclass: Nicolas Winding Refn

26.11.2023 13:30

At the end of his first European creative phase, with ›Bronson‹ and ›Walhalla Rising‹, a change in Nicolas Winding Refn's visual language sets in: he turns away from a rather realistic aesthetic towards a strongly stylized, more poetic, even fairytale-like approach - most clearly evidenced in ›Drive‹. How did this come about and why? What fascinates him about violence and why its strong stylization? What prompted him, after years in which men were the primary focus of his films, to increasingly focus on women and finally, as in ›Copenhagen Cowboy‹, to turn them into revenants of his earlier silent heroes? Speaking of male hero figures, what is the significance of their distanced relationship to the world in general and to women in particular?

Right before the masterclass, you have the opportunity to see Nicolas Winding Refn's thriller 'Pusher' in the same cinema, starring Kim Bodnia and Mads Mikkelsen in his first film role.

[The masterclass will be held in English. Admission is free].


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