Masterclass Benoît Debie

27.11.2022 14:00

Whether it’s party images, drug excesses, or psychological abysses – Benoît Debie has made films as intense as they are groundbreaking, choosing some of the most offbeat and original camera perspectives. How does one work with notorious provocateurs such as the directors Gaspar Noé (including ›Climax, ›Love‹ and ›Vortex‹) and Harmony Korine (including ›Spring Breakers‹)? Is the work completely different with an old master like Wim Wenders? Or, on a more practical level: how much muscle training does a cameraman need in order to plunge into the middle of the action with a hand-held camera? And, more generally: how does one become a designer of images and how can one develop one’s own signature in such a multifaceted profession, when teamwork and the vision of the director are also extremely important?

Directly before the Masterclass there is the opportunity to see Fabrice du Welz’s psychological thriller ›Vinyan‹ in the same cinema, on which Benoît Debie was the director of photography.


  • Free EntranceSunday 27.11.202214:00with GuestsMannheimMACinema Quadrat