Masterclass Alice Winocour

20.11.2022 14:00

Already in her directorial debut, Alice Winocour worked with one of France’s most famous and popular acting stars: Vincent Lindon (›Titane‹, ›The Value of Man‹, ›Hate‹). Alice Winocour has since then established herself as a screenwriter and director. ›Mustang‹ was nominated for an Oscar, and her directorial works are shown in the competitions of the world’s biggest festivals: Cannes, Toronto, and San Sebastián. How does she approach her work? How does she find her material? How does she create that special blend of sharp psychological analysis and powerful emotions? European as well as Hollywood actors often flourish in her films, delivering their most impressive performances: how would she personally describe the importance of working with actors and what does she do when their egos threaten to get the best of them?

Directly before the Masterclass there is the opportunity to see Alice Winocour’s astronaut drama ›Proxima‹, with Eva Green, Matt Dillon, and Lars Eidinger, in the same cinema.


  • Free EntranceSunday 20.11.202214:00with GuestsMannheimMAStadthaus N1