Director: Fabrice du Welz
Country: Belgium, France, United Kingdom

2008 | 97 min. | English
Subtitles: German

Cast_ Emmanuelle Béart, Rufus Sewell, Petch Osathanugrah, Ampon Pankratok, Julie Dreyfus Screenplay_ Fabrice du Welz Camera_ Benoît Debie Producer_ Michael Gentile Rights_ Telepool GmbH

Emmanuelle Béart and Rufus Sewell are a couple searching for their missing son. Risking everything, they venture into the jungles of Myanmar.

There’s a fine line between hope and despair in this psychological thriller by Fabrice du Welz. Architect Paul Bellmer (Sewell) and his wife Jeanne (Béart) lost their son Joshua in a tsunami six months earlier. Seeing video footage from Myanmar at a charity party in Thailand, Jeanne is convinced she recognises Joshua in it. With the aid of a human trafficker, the couple enter the impoverished country by sea, but soon have serious misgivings. Benoît Debie’s imagery makes for a spellbinding trip that’s part European fantasy and part eerie Southeast Asian reality.


Fabrice Du Welz is a Belgian director and screenwriter. Already his debut feature ›Calvaire‹ gained notoriety. His subsequent works, which navigate the horror and psychological thriller genres, have been shown at the major festivals: Cannes, Venice, and Toronto. One of his central preoccupations is the theme of amour fou.


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