Valeria Is Getting Married

Valeria Mithatenet

Director: Michal Vinik
Country: Israel, Ukraine

German Premiere
2022 | 76 min. | Hebrew, Russian, English
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Lena Fraifeld, Dasha Tvoronovich, Yaakov Zada Daniel, Avraham Shalom Levi Screenplay_ Michal Vinik Camera_ Guy Raz Producer_ Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel Rights_ m-appeal

The reluctant bride: director Michal Vinik tells the story of an intimate sisterhood and an Israeli-Ukrainian emancipation.

Two sisters reunite: Christina, the older of the two, moved to Israel some time ago for an arranged marriage, and now Valeria is supposed to do the same. So far, she has only seen her future husband via video chat. When she gets to meet him in person, the young Ukrainian is no longer convinced that her arranged marriage will provide the promised happiness. The older sister is also increasingly in doubt over her past decisions. Both sisters are forced to make fateful steps.

With ›Valeria Is Getting Married‹, director Michal Vinik crafts an emotionally charged chamber play. Her intimate, observant gaze follows the tribulations of her sympathetic characters, probing the interplay between relationships and freedom. The characters’ dreams must here first collide before they can finally come to light.


Michal Vinik, from Israel, earned a degree in screenwriting and directing from Tel Aviv University. After the queer coming-of-age drama ›Barash‹ from 2015, which also revolves around a family conflict, ›Valeria Is Getting Married‹ is her second film.


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