Director: Sander Burger
Country: Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany

2022 | 93 min. | English, Dutch
Synchronization in German

Cast_ Amani-Jean Philippe, Ole van Hoogdalem, Lies Visschedijk, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo Screenplay_ Bastiaan Tichler, Sander Burger Camera_ Sal Kroonenberg Producer_ Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts Rights_ Farbfilm Verleih

A moving immigration story. An eleven-year-old girl discovers the magical heritage of her origins and struggles for her future in a new homeland. 

Eleven-year-old Ama wants to become a swimming star. But she is from Senegal and currently lives with her family in Rotterdam without official permission. Nevertheless, she feels Dutch. One evening, her mother and brother are arrested by the police. They risk being deported. And so, Ama sets out on her own to find her father. Along the way, she discovers her African roots and meets her totem animal, a giant porcupine. From now on, Ama has a companion. Adding a touch of magic to issues of flight and immigration, ›Totem‹ restores our faith in humanity.


(Note: In the theatrical screenings, the film will be shown in the original version with live German voice-over. Online, the film is available in the German-dubbed version.)


Director and screenwriter Sander Burger graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy. His works have won several awards. He has also been nominated for the Golden Calf, the Dutch national film award.



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