To the Ends of the World

Les confins du monde

Director: Guillaume Nicloux
Country: France

2018 | 103 min. | French, Vietnamese
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Gaspard Ulliel, Guillaume Gouix, Lang Khê Tran, Gérard Depardieu Screenplay_ Jérôme Beaujour, Guillaume Nicloux Camera_ David Ungaro Producer_ Sylvie Pialat, Benoît Quainon Rights_ Orange Studio

Gaspard Ulliel and Gérard Depardieu search for humanity in the tropical humidity of a war zone. An exclamation mark in the radical oeuvre of director Guillaume Nicloux.

Bleeding, twitching, dying bodies lie heaped up in a hole in the ground in the middle of the jungle. Again and again, a sentinel and executioner discharges his magazine. In an unguarded moment, a man manages to escape from this disgraceful mass grave and crawls away into the dark wilderness.
‘To the Ends of the World’ begins like a variation on Arnold Schoenberg's 'A Survivor from Warsaw’. Indeed, Nicloux draws a link here between World War II and Indochina, between the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity. In doing so, he employs a homoerotic aesthetic to shatter stereotypes of genre and masculinity.
The images alternate in a fascinating manner between revulsion and beauty: the jungle of Vietnam loses its lush green vitality and becomes a dark, damp thicket that holds the promise of death. The soft white mist becomes a blue-grey labyrinth in which bodies and souls are lost.


Born in France in 1966, Guillaume Nicloux has now directed 17 feature films. Among his most recent works are 'The Nun', 'The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq', 'Valley of Love' and 'The End', all of which premiered at either the Berlinale or Cannes.


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