The Movement of Things

O Movimento das Coisas

Director: Manuela Serra
Country: Portugal

1985 | 89 min. | Portuguese
Subtitles: English, German

Camera_ Gerard Collet Producer_ Antónia Seabra, Teresa Sá, Manuela Serra, Joào Beato, Domingos Sidónio Rights_ Daniel Pereira / The Stone and The Plot

Manuela Serra's poetic documentary ›O Movimento Das Coisas‹ is one of the great discoveries of this year's retrospective.

The daily routines of three families in a small village in northern Portugal: Women tell each other stories and prepare food, a father cuts down a tree while his children watch him, and young Isabel looks to the future. A quiet film, told with restraint, about the passing of time, about silence and life, in which at first glance changes only gently announce themselves. In 1985, the film celebrated its world premiere in Mannheim, where it won a Filmdukat. This extraordinary work has now been restored. "Of all the singularities of Portuguese cinema, this film is one of the most singular of all." (João Bénard da Costa)


Manuela Serra studied film at the Institut des Arts et Diffusion in Brussels, worked as an assistant editor and co-founded the film cooperative Virver. Between 1979 and 1985, she made her first and to date only film as a director ›O Movimento Das Coisas‹.


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