Director: Olivier Pairoux
Country: Belgium

2021 | 100 min. | French
Synchronization in German

Cast_ Basile Grunberger, Albane Masson, Yannick Renier, Bérénice Baoo, Peter Van Den Begin Screenplay_ Eusebio Larrea Camera_ Thomas Rentier Producer_ Annabella Nezri Rights_ LevelK

A film like a countdown, with a little boy as a cosmic explorer and a call for children to never give up on their dreams.

Space, the planets, the stars, his binoculars and an experiment with a catapult make up little Jim’s world. It’s the 1980s. Jim and his father have just moved, and a science-fair competition is held at his new school. He is partnered with Emma, who is ill. His plan is to build a hot-air balloon. With great attention to detail and to its characters, and in colours that are almost unreal in their beauty, this film tells of the power of dreams and of being different, but also of great losses and disappointments. Above all, however, it is about how important it is to trust children and give them their space. Whimsical, suspenseful and poignant, ›Spaceboy‹ is an adventure for the whole family.


Olivier Pairoux attended the Institut des arts de diffusion (IAD). He is the artistic director at the Belgian television channels RTL TVI and Plug RTL and is an art director on advertising campaigns and music videos. In 2017 he released his first short film, ›Puzzle‹. ›Spaceboy‹ is his feature-film debut.


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