Skin Deep

Aus meiner Haut

Director: Alex Schaad
Country: Germany

2022 | 103 min. | German
Subtitles: English

Cast_ Mala Emde, Jonas Dassler, Maryam Zaree, Dimitrij Schaad, Edgar Selge, Thomas Wodianka Screenplay_ Alex Schaad, Dimitrij Schaad Camera_ Ahmed El Nagar Producer_ Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm Rights_ X Verleih

Getting inside someone else’s skin. An exciting, fantastic love story about the nature of interpersonal relationships.

At first glance, Leyla (Mala Emde) and Tristan (Jonas Dassler) seem like a happy young couple, but their relationship is on the rocks. To salvage it, they travel to a remote island and take part in a ritual in which they exchange their body for that of another person. When Leyla refuses to return to her old self, the situation escalates.

What sounds like a crazy idea is taken very seriously in this intense romantic drama as it poses fundamental questions about our relationships: Why do we love someone? Is there an invisible bond that can transcend the boundaries of our sex? Or are we driven entirely by lust for the other person’s body? This film offers no simple answers, but explores its characters with psychological acuity. The amazing cast carries the film. One of the most ambitious debuts of 2022!


Director and screenwriter Alex Schaad was born in Kazakhstan in 1990 and has lived in Germany since 1993. He studied film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich and received several awards, including a Student Academy Award in gold, for his work during that time. This is his first feature film.


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