Short Vacation: Workshop

Short Vacation: Workshop

2021 | 60 min. | German

How are films made and what would I bring in front of the lens as a filmmaker? Let’s find out in a workshop together with GIRLS GO MOVIE.

We will watch the youth film Short Vacation together and afterwards ask ourselves important questions in a film coaching workshop: how is a film made? What are its component parts? Which professions collaborate on a film production? Which artistic aspects contribute to us liking the film? Your own experiences are important! Afterwards, you will have the chance to become active yourselves. Two experts will support you indeveloping your ideas. Using the tablets provided, you can try out your filmmaking and acting skills to bring your own view of the world to life.

For school classes in grades 5-12. 
Necessary equipment will be provided.

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  • Thursday 18.11.202111:00MannheimMAStadthaus N1
  • Friday 19.11.202111:30HeidelbergHDKarlstorkino