Rosa and the Stone Troll

Roselil og stentrolden

Director: Karla Holmbäck
Country: Denmark

2023 | 75 min. | Danish
Synchronization in German

Cast_ Bodil Jørgensen, Anne Marie Helger, Ghita Nørby Screenplay_ Toke Westmark Steensen Producer_ Marie Bro Rights_ LevelK

A fantastic adventure film about the meaning of friendship. And about the courage of a little flower fairy in her fight against the terrible Stone Troll.

Rosa is a somewhat timid flower fairy in Summerland who dreams of having a friend. She rashly agrees to marry the mouse boy Karl Gustav, even though he’s not a very good match for her. But suddenly the daring butterfly girl Silk appears and they become friends. Still, they are very different from one another. And now, all of Summerland is under threat from the dangerous Stone Troll. Rosa must therefore overcome her fears. Come along on her adventurous journey to the wicked witch and to her fight with the fearsome troll. And to the most important goal of all: true friendship.


Karla Nor Holmbäck received a degree in directing animation from the National Film School of Denmark in 2018. She is also an illustrator of children’s books. Her highly expressive work invites children to immerse themselves in a magical world.



  • AvailableTuesday 21.11.202310:00with GuestsHeidelbergHDKarlstorbahnhof
  • AvailableWednesday 22.11.202310:00with GuestsMannheimMAStadthaus N1
  • AvailableSunday 26.11.202314:00MannheimMACinema Quadrat