Pink Narcissus

Pink Narcissus

Director: James Bidgood
Country: USA

1971 | 65 min. | No Dialogue

Cast_ Bobby Kendall, Don Brooks, Charles Ludlam Screenplay_ James Bidgood Camera_ James Bidgood Producer_ James Bidgood Rights_ Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH

The ultimate filmic definition of camp: James Bidgood’s sensual and erotic queer cinema masterpiece about a young man and his sexual fantasies.

A young man (Bobby Kendall), who is a sex worker in New York, gets lost in erotic dream worlds while in his apartment: he sees himself as a Spanish torero, a Roman slave, or surrounded by bikers wearing leather gear. ›Pink Narcissus‹ is a masterpiece of queer cinema that has been hugely influential for artists as diverse as David LaChapelle, Charlie XCX, and Lil Nas X. For a long time, it was a mystery who had actually directed this film. Could it have been Andy Warhol? Only in 1999 was it revealed that James Bidgood, who died in February 2022, had shot this cinematic Vision in Pink in his own apartment over a period of several years.


James Bidgood (1933-2022) worked as a costume designer, photographer and filmmaker. He created a highly stylized, homoerotic body of work. While still a teenager he began designing costumes and later specialized in male nudes as a photographer. ›Pink Narcissus‹ is his only film.


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