One of These Days

Director: Bastian Günther
Country: Germany, USA

Regional Premiere
2020 | 120 min. | English
Subtitles: German
FSK 18

Cast_ Carrie Preston, Joe Cole, Callie Hernandez Screenplay_ Bastian Günther Camera_ Michael Kotschi Producer_ Martin Heisler, Peter Veverka Rights_ Weltkino

The American nightmare: for the chance to win a brand new truck, the participants of a competition endanger their health, their livelihood, and their inner peace.

Kyle (Joe Cole from Gangs of London and Peaky Blinders) has money problems. Above all, he needs a new car. The annual "Hands On" event arrives just at the right time. In this endurance competition, whoever keeps their hands on a pick-up truck the longest, wins the car. While Joan, the promoter, tries to convince herself and the audience that the event is harmless and entertaining, increasing tragedies occur among the contestants.

Director Benjamin Günther, born in the Rhineland-Palatinate, and his cameraman Michael Kutschi, from Weinheim, offer an unsparing portrait of the American Midwest. Working from a perfectly constructed screenplay and using the means of poetic realism, they pull off a harrowing drama.


Bastian Günther, born in 1974 in the Westerwald region, completed his studies at the dffb in 2006 with the film Ende einer Strecke, for which he received the First Steps Award for best film. His film Autopiloten celebrated its premiere at the Berlinale in 2007, as did One of These Days earlier this year.