On the Job: The Missing 8

On the Job: The Missing 8

Director: Erik Matti
Country: Philippines

2021 | 208 min. | Filipino, Tagalog, English
Subtitles: English

Cast_ John Arcilla, Dennis Trillo, Dante Rivero Screenplay_ Michiko Yamamoto Camera_ Neil Derrick Bion Producer_ Ronald Stephen Monteverde, Erik Matti, Joseph Caliro Rights_ Reality Entertainment

Corruption. Violence. Betrayal. An epic reckoning with the Duterte government in the Philippines.

Two friends, Arnel and Sisoy, are constantly at odds. One is an investigative journalist; the other spouts propaganda on the radio, advocating loyalty to Pedrig Eusebio, a shady rising local politician. When Arnel, his son and six other journalists disappear, Sisoy sets out in search of them and the truth. He discovers bodies and soon comes across an insidious scheme in which murderers are smuggled out of prison in order to carry out assassinations. ›The Missing 8‹ surpasses its predecessor ›On the Job‹ by a mile; the first film seems like a miniature in comparison. It had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where the lead actor’s performance was promptly honoured with the grand prize. Hard. Gripping. Suspenseful. Epic.


Erik Matti, born in 1970, has regularly made feature films since the late 1990s. ›On the Job‹ (2013), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, is his most popular work to date. His sequel ›On the Job: The Missing 8‹ sets a new standard for Philippine cinema.


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