Mum Mum Mum

Mamá, Mamá, Mamá

Director: Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière
Country: Argentina

2020 | 65 min. | Spanish
Subtitles: German
FSK 12
Age recommendation: Ages 11+

Rights_ Compañía de Cine

It's summer, but nobody uses the pool. Cleo mourns her sister while, in parallel, experiencing puberty’s effects on her body. A community of women offers her comfort and strength.

It starts with the suggestion of a tragic accident. As her mother then seeks solitude, 12-year-old Cleo is left on her own. Through her aunt and cousins, a new normality seems to slowly enter Cleo's life. Gentle is the murmur of the surrounding nature, warm are the colours.

The impressive debut of Argentinean director Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière paints a delicate picture of womanhood at different stages of life. Even behind the camera, only women worked on the film. The dreamy, elegiac atmosphere recalls Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. A film charged with magical energy about the grief and initiation of a teenage girl.


Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière wird 1996 in Argentinien geboren und absolviert ihr Filmstudium in Buenos Aires. Sie arbeitet dort als multidisziplinäre Künstlerin im Bereich von Film, Musik und Werbung. Ihr Spielfilmdebüt Mum, Mum, Mum feiert 2020 bei der Berlinale seine Weltpremiere in der Sektion ›Generation‹ und erhält eine lobende Erwähnung der Internationalen Jury.