Mon coeur est rouge

My Heart is Red

Director: Michèle Rosier
Country: France

1976 | 109 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Françoise Lebrun, Chedalia Tazartes, Jean-Pierre Bisson Screenplay_ Michèle Rosier Camera_ Bruno Nuytten Producer_ Michèle Rosier Rights_ Boulliane Hervé

Playful like the Nouvelle Vague and buoyed up by the music of Keith Jarrett, Mon cœur est rouge is a cinematic gem that urgently needs to be rediscovered.

Clara (Françoise Lebrun from La maman et la putain) works for a large cosmetics company. As a market researcher, she has to ask women about their make-up habits. To this end, she roams Paris, sometimes talking to housewives, sometimes to mothers at a day care, and when she meets a young man, she promptly starts an affair with him.

In the 1960s, Michèle Rosier was a successful fashion designer who left her mark on the decade with her vinyl dresses. Her career as a director is no less impressive – and today she’s almost forgotten. Her second film, the feminist Mon cœur est rouge, is a work eager to let itself get distracted, eventually even losing sight of its leading actress.


Michèle Rosier was a French fashion journalist, designer, scriptwriter and director. Rosier's parents founded the magazine Elle. She made a name for herself mainly as a fashion designer until making her first film, George qui?, in 1973. Her most important film, Mon coeur est rouge, is one of the key productions of its time.