Director: Carlos Vermut
Country: Spain

German Premiere
2022 | 115 min. | Spanish
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Nacho Sánchez, Zoe Stein, Álvaro Sanz Rodríguez, Aitziber Garmendia Screenplay_ Carlos Vermut Camera_ Alana Mejía González Producer_ Pedro Hernández Santos, Alex Lafuente Rights_ Film Factory Entertainment

Julián, a young video game designer, is jolted out of his routine and seclusion after a fire breaks out in the apartment next door. Considered and perceptive, ›Manticore‹ explores the extremes of the human psyche.

Julián (Nacho Sánchez) works from his laptop, preferring the seclusion of home office. He designs monsters and other creatures for video games. When a fire breaks out and he jumps to the rescue, saving a boy’s life, he throws his own off its tracks. His relationship with the student Diana (Zoe Stein) is meant to offer him stability. Salvation in the form of an ordinary life seems within reach, but the image that Julián projects of himself is increasingly called into question. A spiral has long been set in motion that threatens to pull him into the abyss.

This perceptive and elegantly directed film ventures to the extremes of human behavior and desire. ›Manticore‹ addresses a number of profound issues about gender, identity, illness, and guilt. Ultimately, it confronts us with one of the most significant questions of all: what is the extent of our tolerance?


Director Carlos Vermut was born in Madrid and began his career as an illustrator and comic book artist. His previous films won several awards. Among them, ›Magical Girl‹ received the Goya, Spain’s most important film prize, for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. 


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