Director: Hubert Viel
Country: France

German Premiere
2020 | 87 min. | French
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Alice Henri, Laure Calamy, Bruno Clairefond, Erika Sainte, Hannah Castel Chiche, Rémi Baranger, Anna Mihalcea, Pierre Perrier, Olivier Saladin Screenplay_ Hubert Viel, Géraldine Keiflin Camera_ Alice Desplats Producer_ Nicolas Anthomé Rights_ Best Friend Forever

In search of lost innocence: ›Louloute‹ transports us to the realm of childhood and sensitively chronicles the loss of carefreeness.

On the day before the family farm is sold, Louise is flooded by memories of her childhood. At the age of ten, in the 1980s, she lived with her caring mother, hard-working father and two siblings on a small farm in Normandy. Director Hubert Viel's depiction of a bygone childhood is free of sentimental idealization. His account of sweet as well as bitter moments in the family bond is initially witty and charming, before growing increasingly melancholic. Sorrow and worry creep into little Louise's developing consciousness as she begins to understand her parents' precarious situation in the face of an agricultural crisis and mounting debts. With formal skill, the film repeatedly links Louise’s adolescent past with her adult present, thus reflecting on the burden as well as the value of memory.


Hubert Viel was born in 1980 in a horse-breeding family in Normandy. He studied film at the ESRA and philosophy at the Sorbonne. He is the co-founder of the production company Artisans du film. In 2013, he released his debut ›Artémis, coeur d’artichaut‹, followed by ›Les filles au Moyen Âge‹ in 2015. ›Louloute‹ is his third feature.


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