Los Lobos

Director: Samuel Kishi Leopo
Country: Mexico

2019 | 95 min. | Spanish, English, Cantonese
Synchronization in German
Age recommendation: Age 9+

Cast_ Martha Reyes Arias, Maximiliano Nájar Márquez, Leonardo Nájar Márquez Screenplay_ Samuel Kishi Leopo, Sofía Gómez Córdoba, Luis Briones Camera_ Octavio Arauz Producer_ Inna Payán Stoupignan, Leticia Carrillo Silva Rights_ FiGa Films

Rule number one: do not leave the apartment. While their mother goes to work, two brothers must look after each other. Outside, an unknown world beckons.

Albuquerque, USA: eight-year-old Max and his little brother Leo have just moved here from Mexico with their mother Lucía. While the young, exhausted woman hurries from one lousily paid job to the next, the children stay in the tiny apartment. They listen to the mother's voice on the cassette recorder, learn English vocabulary and draw colourful pictures on the grey wall. On the wall, two little ninja wolves: "We want to go to Disney." The pictures come to life.

The film, which won two prizes at the Berlinale, always stays close to its little protagonists. Their sad reality is captured in pictures so beautiful, they slowly start to yield solace and hope.


Samuel Kishi Leopo, born in 1984, is a director and editor from Mexico. His feature debut We Are Mari Pepa was shown at the Berlinale in 2014. Los Lobos also screened there in 2020, in the 'Generation' section, following its world premiere in Busan the previous year.