Lesung mit Ingo Siegner - Reading with Ingo Siegner

Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss und die Drachenprüfung: Lesung mit Ingo Siegner

2021 | 60 min. | German
Age recommendation: 6

Cast_ Ingo Siegner

Who doesn‘t know him, the curious Little Dragon Coconut? The creator of this popular children‘s book character is coming to Mannheim – to read aloud and draw.

Ingo Siegner will talk about himself and his books: he used to be a kindergarten teacher and invented the craziest stories for children big and small before he decided to write them down and become an author. Little Dragon Coconut became an instant hit and his adventures now fill numerous volumes. To accompany his stories, Ingo Siegner will draw on a flipchart and let his animal heroes come to life before the children‘s eyes. He will answer all the audience's questions about making books and his stories. Afterwards, he will read from his latest book and show the corresponding pictures. In it, Coconut has to pass a dragon test and kidnap a princess. Fortunately, his friends Matilda and Oskar are with him again... This event takes place in cooperation with ‚Lesen.Hören‘.


  • Saturday 13.11.202111:00MannheimMAAlte Feuerwache