Les uns et les autres

Les uns et les autres

Director: Claude Lelouch
Country: France

1981 | 190 min. | French, English, German, Russian
Subtitles: English, German
FSK 12

Cast_ Robert Hossein, Nicole Garcia, Geraldine Chaplin, Jacques Villeret, Daniel Olbrychski, James Caan, Fanny Ardant Screenplay_ Claude Lelouch Camera_ Jean Boffety Producer_ Claude Lelouch Rights_ Metropolitan Filmexport

Claude Lelouch's star-studded masterpiece follows three generations of artists through the 20th century.

Berlin, Moscow, Paris, New York: the new year 1937 is just around the corner. Four families come together, only to be torn apart soon after with the outbreak of World War II. More than 40 years later, the survivors and their progeny meet at a spectacular benefit concert.
If ›A Man and a Woman‹ is the cult film and perhaps the best-known work in Claude Lelouch's oeuvre, ›Les Uns et les Autres‹ is something like his magnum opus.
Magisterial and eclectic both in terms of direction and narrative, Lelouch elegantly weaves together the fates of half a century. At once a moving drama and an effortless transcendence of the boundaries of the musical.


Claude Lelouch, born in 1937, is receiving a tribute at the IFFMH in 2021. His best-known works include ›A Man and a Woman‹ and ›Les Uns et les Autres‹. He has won many awards, including the Palme d'Or at Cannes and an Oscar. His latest film is dedicated to his actors.


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