La fiancée du pirate

Moneten fürs Kätzchen

Director: Nelly Kaplan
Country: France

1969 | 102 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Bernadette Lafont, Georges Géret, Michel Constantin Screenplay_ Nelly Kaplan, Claude Makovski Camera_ Jean Badal Producer_ Claude Makovski, Moshe Mizrahi, Jean Cotet, Jean Vigne, Jean-Pierre Venet, Fabienne Tonnel Rights_ Lobster Films

Nelly Kaplan's first feature film is a surreal-comical attack on sexual double standards.

The films of Argentina-born Nelly Kaplan, who began her career in the 1950s working with the legendary Abel Gance, are a well-kept secret of French cinema. In her furious debut, she tells the story of Marie (Bernadette Lafont from La maman et la putain LINK), who lives in squalor with her mother on the outskirts of a small town. After her mother is run over by a car, Marie finds herself even more exposed to the villagers’ lechery and hypocrisy. But she begins to defend herself. In La fiancée du pirate, Kaplan updates the witch story to modern times, but with a crucial twist: "For me, Marie is a witch who doesn’t let herself be burned; she sets the others on fire.” (Nelly Kaplan)


Nelly Kaplan, born in Buenos Aires, became Abel Glance’s muse in France. She emancipated herself. La fiancée du pirate is not only her first feature film, but also the only one for which she assumed directing, scriptwriting and editing duties. It celebrated its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, becoming a cult film.