La drôlesse

Ein kleines Luder

Director: Jacques Doillon
Country: France^

1979 | 87 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Madeleine Desdevises, Claude Hébert, Paulette Lahaye Screenplay_ Jacques Doillon, Denis Ferraris Camera_ Philippe Rousselot Producer_ Danièle Delorme, Yves Robert, Jacques Doillon Rights_ Gaumont

Scenes from an unusual marriage: Jacques Doillon tells the story of two young outsiders who create their own world.

11-year-old Mado (Madeleine Desdevises) grows up in a difficult family environment. One day she meets François, 20, who kidnaps her and locks her up in his attic. There they show each other the affection that neither of them had known in their previous lives. 

La drôlesse, which already screened at IFFMH in 1979, is Jacques Doillon's fifth film – and one of his most impressive. Time and again, Doillon's cinema has distinguished itself with its unbiased view of the lives of young outsiders. Here, too, he dispenses with all prejudice, confronting us with our own values. Madeleine Desdevises is outstanding as Mado. It remains her only film, a few years after La drôlesse she died of leukaemia.


Jacques Doillon, born in Paris in 1944, is a director and scriptwriter. In his films he often works with children and young people as lead actors. His work has received awards at numerous festivals, as well as nominations for the Palme d’Or, the Golden Bear and the Golden Lion, among others.