Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

Bên Trong Vỏ Kén Vàng

Director: Pham Thien An
Country: Vietnam, Singapore, France, Spain

2023 | 178 min. | Vietnamese
Subtitles: English, German
FSK | Nicht geprüft / No clearance (18+)

Cast_ Le Phong Vu, Nguyen Thi Truc Quynh, Nguyen Thinh, Vu Ngoc Manh Screenplay_ Pham Thien An Camera_ Dinh Duy Hung Producer_ Jeremy Chua, Tran Van Thi Rights_ Cercamon

A tragic accident, the search for a missing brother. But also so much more – here is a cinematic firework composed of magisterial imagery.

Saigon. Thien’s sister-in-law is killed in a motorcycle accident. He reluctantly begins to take care of his nephew, who survived the accident unharmed. After returning the boy to his home village, Thien sets out to find the father, his brother who disappeared years ago. Along the way, mysterious dreams and gripping encounters increasingly confront him with questions about the meaning of life. But you have to see this sensitive film with your own eyes. It has a unique mode of interweaving the big with the small, of following complex choreographed scenes with lightly dabbed snapshots. For his debut, director Pham Thien An employs an imaginative and distinctive film language that flouts all fixed rules. One of the cinema events of the year!


The Vietnamese auteur Pham Thien An is self-taught. His three short films ›Mute‹, ›Stay Awake‹ and ›Be Ready‹ have been screened at numerous international film festivals. ›Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell‹ is his debut feature and it screened at Cannes this year.



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