How Is Katia?

Yak Tam Katia?

Director: Christina Tynkevych
Country: Ukraine

German Premiere
2022 | 100 min. | Ukrainian
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Anastasia Karpenko, Kateryna Kozlova, Tetyana Krulikovska, Iryna Verenych-Ostrovska, Oleksiy Cherevatenko Screenplay_ Christina Tynkevych, Serhiy Kastornykh, Julia Gonchar, Natalia Blok Camera_ Vladislav Voronin Producer_ Olga Matat, Vlad Dudko, Serhiy Konnov Rights_ Coccinelle Film Sales

Anna fights back! The loving mother and doctor stands up against a society that doesn’t care about morality and justice. A sensitive portrait and psychological study of Ukraine before the war.

The camera can hardly keep up with Anna as she rushes through her daily routine. At night, the paramedic races from emergency to emergency; when she gets home, she argues with her sister, cares for her senile mother, and then takes her beloved daughter Katia to school. There is little sleep for Anna, but she has a dream: to own an apartment, especially for Katia. But a terrible crime stops this dynamic woman in her tracks – until she throws herself into a new fight: she wants justice, no matter how powerful and rich her opponents. In an impressive feat, director Christina Tynkevych lets the emotions of her main character determine the shape of ›How is Katia?‹: the camera runs when Anna runs, pauses when she can’t go on. The result is an intense psychological study of a tormented and struggling woman, which doubles as a snapshot of the social problems that afflicted the Ukraine before the Russian invasion.


Christina Tynkevych’s work moves between fiction and documentary. She studied in London and lives in Kyiv. After two short films, she made ›Generation 91‹, a documentary about the first post-Soviet generation in Ukraine. ›How is Katia?‹ is her first fictional feature.


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