Gold for Dogs

De l'or pour les chiens

Director: Anne Cazenave Cambet
Country: France

German Premiere
2020 | 99 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English
FSK 18

Cast_ Tallulah Cassavetti, Ana Neborac, Carole Franck Screenplay_ Anna Cazenave Cambet, Marie-Stéphane Imbert Camera_ Kristy Baboul Producer_ Charles Gillibert Rights_ WTFilms

From the beach to the city for the sake of love. A fascinating young woman as a will-o'-the-wisp, dreamily floating along a path never thought possible. 

During the monotony of a summer job, drifting between boredom and freedom, young Esther meets the charismatic Jean. Without hesitation, Esther follows her vacation crush from the southern coast to Paris. In the city, she undergoes a surprising transformation. 

The sandy texture of the dunes, the stone facades of the city’s apartments, or the protagonist’s gently stringy, sometimes salty hair – through colours and light, Anna Cazenave Cambet’s impressive debut develops a fascinating deep structure. Again and again, magical moments arise from lovingly constructed compositions. Always in the centre: the leading actress Tallulah Cassavetti, an extraordinary presence, in her first film. A discovery! 

Selected by the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.


Anna Cazenave Cambet was born in 1990 in the southwest of France. After studying photography, she completed a degree in film directing at La Fémis in 2017. Her first student short, Gabber Lover, was invited to Cannes in 2016. Gold for Dogs is her first feature-length work.