Genus, Pan

Lahi, Hayop

Director: Lav Diaz
Country: Philippines

Regional Premiere
2020 | 157 min. | Tagalog
Subtitles: English
FSK 18

Cast_ Nanding Josef, Bart Guingona, DMs Boongaling Screenplay_ Lav Diaz Camera_ Lav Diaz Producer_ Lav Diaz Rights_ sine olivia pilipinas

Greed, misery and justice in stunningly filmed nature: Philippine myths meet a story of biblical proportions in the new film by acclaimed director Lav Diaz.

Three men return home after working in a mine. A day of toil is followed by an arduous journey – first by boat from the island, then on foot over mountains, finally through forests and across rivers. It should be a time to drink, to eat, to celebrate the end of the season. But one miner thinks another cheated him out of his wages; the third, who wants to mediate between them, is not helping. Once they arrive at their village, a second story begins, of the mothers, sisters, and those who stayed home. Due to a tragic event, the characters’ relationships and the power structure are shaken, and the young hero who returned home is suddenly a hunted man.

Lav Diaz, a fixture of all the major festivals, is a master in composing black-and-white tableaux. He weaves great human dramas in extreme slowness. Their intensity increases constantly, to the point of inspiring vital optimism.


Born in the Philippines in 1958, Lav Diaz devoted himself to writing and photography before turning to cinema. The director, known for the long running times of his films, received the Golden Lion in 2016 for The Woman Who Left and was in the Berlinale competition with the eight-hour black-and-white film A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery.