Fanny Lye Deliver'd

Director: Thomas Clay
Country: United Kingdom, Germany

Regional Premiere
2020 | 110 min. | English
FSK 18

Cast_ Maxine Peak, Charles Dance, Freddie Fox Screenplay_ Thomas Clay Camera_ Giorgos Arvanitis Producer_ Zorana Piggott, Philippe Bober Rights_ Alamode

The birth of feminism!? Maxine Peak and Charles Dance excel in this fascinating take on the home invasion thriller.

England in the 17th century. Fanny (Maxine Peak) leads a strictly puritanical life as the mother of a family under the strict care of her devoutly religious husband John (Charles Dance). When a strange couple suddenly and unexpectedly appear on their property naked and seeking help, Fanny's fate changes dramatically.

Director Thomas Clay is one of the most radical voices in contemporary European auteur cinema. In entrancing light and fog compositions he stages the story of an unusual emancipation, leading up to a powerful finale reminiscent of a Sergio Leone western. One of our favourite films at this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival.


British filmmaker Thomas Clay, born in 1979, was only 19 when he made his first film, Motion. His two films The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael (2005) and Soi Cowboy (2008) screened in Cannes. Fanny Lye Deliver'd, his first film in over ten years, was nominated for best film at the London Film Festival.