Director: Sophie Letourneur
Country: France

Regional Premiere
2020 | 98 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English
FSK 18

Cast_ Marina Foïs, Jonathan Cohen Screenplay_ Sophie Letourneur Camera_ Laurent Brunet Producer_ Caroline Bonmarchand, Isaac Sharry Rights_ Indie Sales

She is pregnant and he feels the contractions. What begins as a farce develops into one of the most extraordinary and feminist French comedies in recent memory. 

For Claire, a pianist of international renown, her career is clearly a priority. When her child-loving husband Frédéric nevertheless succeeds in "secretly impregnating" her through underhanded means, it kicks off an unparallaled tour de force.

Writer-director Sophie Letourneur has developed a story that is meticulously designed around the two stars Marina Fois and Jonathan Cohen, starting off hilariously funny before going into completely unexpected territory. When surrealism suddenly becomes hyper-reality, the director has us right where she wants us. Namely, where everything we have thought we believed until now is put into question, if not jettisoned altogether.


Sophie Letourneur, born in 1978, is a director and scriptwriter. Her feature debut Chicks won the prize for best French film at the Belfort film festival in 2009 as well as the audience award. The film was invited to Rotterdam, followed by her short film The Shady Sailor in 2012 and Enormous earlier this year.