Dreaming & Dying

Hao Jiu Bu Jian

Director: Nelson Yeo
Country: Singapore, Indonesia

German Premiere
2023 | 77 min. | Mandarin, English, Singlish
Subtitles: English, German
FSK | Nicht geprüft / No clearance (18+)

Cast_ Doreen Toh, Peter Yu, Kelvin Ho Screenplay_ Nelson Yeo Camera_ Lincoln Yeo Producer_ Tan Si En, Sophia Sim Rights_ Lights On

Wonderfully playful and fantastic: in dreamily beautiful, powerful images, Nelson Yeo’s debut tells of the quiet regret that comes from only ever having one life to live.

The film begins very gently: three people meet at a seaside resort; it’s a class reunion and they are the only ones who have shown up. The atmosphere is relaxed, filled with jokes and reminiscing. But soon, some very real longings come to the surface. Dream and reality increasingly converge in images full of quiet beauty and mysterious intensity. But among fantastic apparitions, director Yeo also repeatedly finds moments of lightness and courageously unforced humor. His film moves from a talking fish to depictions of the sometimes painful yet intimate familiarity that exists between a longtime couple. Time and again, crashing waves are heard on the soundtrack, evoking the rhythm of ceaselessly passing time – at once brutal and comforting.


After graduating from the University of Singapore, Nelson Yeo made a name for himself directing short films for several years. His works screened at festivals worldwide and won numerous awards. With ›Dreaming & Dying‹, he is making his debut as a director of features.



  • Friday 17.11.202320:45with GuestsMannheimMAAtlantis
  • AvailableSaturday 18.11.202318:00with GuestsHeidelbergHDGloria
  • AvailableSaturday 18.11.202314:30with GuestsMannheimMACineplex (Saal 3)
  • AvailableFriday 24.11.202318:00HeidelbergHDGloria

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