Blue Moon

Crai Nou

Director: Alina Grigore
Country: Romania

German Premiere
2021 | 84 min. | Romanian
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Ioana Chitu, Mircea Postelnicu, Mircea Silaghi, Vlad Ivanov, Ionut Achivoaie, Alex Aninosanu, Ion Arcudeanu, Ioana Asofiei Screenplay_ Alina Grigore Camera_ Adrian Paduretu Producer_ Gabi Suciu, Robi Urs Rights_ Patra Spanou Film

A young woman breaks away from her patriarchal family. Told in a manner as dense and suspenseful as it is true to life, this is a debut that builds up tremendous power.

Irina lives with her extended family in rural Romania. A complex character, she is intelligent and tough, but also vulnerable and sentimental. Above all, however, she wants to get out – to leave for the city, to go study, to escape the clutches of her family. Or does she? The atmosphere among the family is defined by secrets, oppression and the constant struggle for privacy. Irina's central antagonist is her cousin Liviu, who disdains education and is in charge of the family's dubious business dealings. Director Alina Grigore keeps the power relations between the characters in constant flux, revealing their ambiguous entanglements. The film creates enormous suspense, remaining devoted to its main character while also keeping a respectful distance, thus fully depicting her inner conflict.


Born in 1984, Alina Grigore began acting at an early age and later graduated from the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest. After numerous leading roles in film and television productions, her directorial debut premiered at this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival.


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