All to Play For

Rien à perdre

Director: Delphine Deloget
Country: France

2023 | 112 min. | French
Subtitles: English, German
FSK | Nicht geprüft / No clearance (18+)

Cast_ Virginie Efira, Félix Lefebvre, Arieh Worthalter, Mathieu Demy, India Hair Screenplay_ Delphine Deloget Camera_ Guillaume Schiffman Producer_ Olivier Delbosc Rights_ France TV Distribution

A mother caught in a desperate fight for her child. After a serious accident, the state steps in and threatens to take Sylvie’s (Virginie Efira) son away from her.

Sylvie (Virginie Efira) works in a bar and is raising her two sons alone. It is not always easy, but the threesome are a happy family. One night, however, Sylvie has to work late and her younger son gets badly burned on the deep fryer. When the circumstances come to light, social services withdraw the mother’s custody. From then on, Sylvie fights with all possible means to win back her son. As much as the people around her want to help, she is in danger of succumbing to this fight. Her despair also takes an increasing toll on her relationship with her older son. Will she find a way out? – Powerful, moving, and yet free of any exaggerated dramatization, ›All to Play For‹ is a brilliantly acted story about a modern woman’s fate – for they are almost always the ones who bear the burden of single parenthood.


Director and screenwriter Delphine Deloget was born in France in 1975. Her documentaries have won awards at numerous international festivals. Her fictional short films have also been successful at festivals worldwide. ›All to Play For‹ is her debut feature.



  • AvailableWednesday 22.11.202320:00MannheimMAStadthaus N1
  • AvailableSaturday 25.11.202321:00MannheimMACineplex (Saal 3)
  • AvailableSaturday 25.11.202317:30HeidelbergHDKarlstorbahnhof