107 Mothers


Director: Péter Kerekes
Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine

2021 | 90 min. | Russian, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Maryna Klimova, Iryna Kiryazeva, Lyubov Vasylyna Screenplay_ Péter Kerekes, Ivan Ostrochovský Camera_ Martin Kollar Producer_ Péter Kerekes, Katarína Tomková Rights_ Films Boutique

The award-winning documentary filmmaker Péter Kerekes excels in his narrative debut, crafting a prison film of a special kind.

The pregnant Lesya is sentenced to seven years in prison for the murder of her husband. After giving birth, she is transferred with her baby to a women's prison in Odessa, where other children also grow up alongside their imprisoned mothers. When Lesya's son is to be sent to a home, the prison guard Irina, who lives alone, takes an increasing interest in her fate.
With precision in both content and form, ›107 Mothers‹ crafts the microcosm of a women's prison – authentic and credible, it sometimes even seems to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, between documentary and staged reality. The film’s factual narrative style eschews sentimentality, and yet the unembellished, honest portraits of these lonely women, rejected by society, are touching. The truthfulness of this representation reverberates beyond the film.


Péter Kerekes was born in 1973 in Košice, Czechoslovakia. He studied film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where he subsequently taught as a lecturer. Following a number of documentaries, such as ›66 sezón‹ (2003) and ›Cooking History‹ (2009), Kerekes makes his narrative debut with ›107 Mothers‹.


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