You won’t be alone

awarded with the International Newcomer Award 2022

The winner in 2022 was the director and screenwriter Goran Stolevski. Goran Stolevski was born in Macedonia and grew up in Australia. He became famous for his short films, which were shown at more than 200 festivals around the world. ›Would You Look at Her‹ won the award as Best International Short at Sundance 2018.


A witch makes a great humane decision! Goran Stolevski’s debut feature is a symphonically composed and poetic masterpiece with echoes of Terrence Malick.

Macedonia, 19th century. A witch is going to kill an infant. The mother, however, promises to let the witch have her child as a companion once the girl turns 16. And try as hard as she will, the mother cannot break free of this oath. Once the witch has turned her victim into her equal, a rupture follows. After the new witch accidentally kills a young peasant woman (Noomi Rapace), she first slips into her body and life, then into those of others. A beautiful world full of secrets opens up to her. As a woman, however, she also experiences violence. And she always fails in her endeavors. A great, selfless decision seems to hold the promise of happiness.

But there is still the old witch around. ›You won’t be alone‹ is a truly cinematic vision. Every cut, every shot speaks to a unique conception of cinema. The result is a multi-layered artwork of great beauty and emotional power.

Countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Serbia

2022 | 108 min | Macedonian
Subtitles: German, English

Starring_ Noomi Rapace, Alice Englert, Anamaria Marinca, Félix Maritaud Screenplay _ Goran Stolevski Producer_ Kristina Ceyton, Saman- tha Jennings Camera_ Matthew Chuang Copyright _ Universal Pictures International

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