Guillaume Nicloux

Laureate of the Grand IFFMH Award 2021

Guillaume Nicloux is one of the most impressive filmmakers of our time and was awarded the Grand IFFMH Award in 2021.

Guillaume Nicloux's work, as diverse as it is radical, repeatedly takes on and transcends a wide variety of genres in the style of Kubrick. His films relate to each other and experiment with subgenres of the thriller, linked by a penchant for the mysterious: In ›A Very Private Affair‹ (2002), he transposes film noir into the new millennium. ›In the Shadow of the Woods‹ (2003) is the revival of the policier from a female perspective, and ›Guardians of Life‹ (2006) is Nicloux's answer to mystery thrillers. In the 2010s, Nicloux becomes even more unpredictable, jumping from historical films (›The Nun‹, 2013) to mockumentaries (›The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq‹, 2014) to Death Valley to resurrect a dead man (›Valley of Love‹, 2015). With ›To the Ends of the World‹ (2018), he bridges the gap between World War II and Indochina, between the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity. In doing so, he generates images of a humid tropical fever dream in beguiling beauty.

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