Chantal Laroche Poupard

Film critic for and for the team of Ecumenical Jury during the Cannes Film Festival. She was jury member of SIGNIS for Cinelatino and Populi e Religioni in Terni Italy. She is a member of the team of the film club “Open world : crossed views”. She was a member of the organizing team of the Eurafriclap Festival; “A week of euro-african movies in Paris” (2020-2017). She was general delegate of the AAFEE, the “Association des Amis du Festival de Films d’auteurs, L’Europe autour de l’Europe” (2017-2010).

As a member of the European Education Association, she is the author of an European concept of communication; she gave courses on German cinema; she also gives lectures in the cultural context of the Church.

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