My Night

awarded with the Ecumenical Award 2021

The winner in 2021 was director Antoinette Boulat. She has worked highly successfully as a caster for directors such as Mia Hansen-Løve, Olivier Assayas and Wes Anderson.
'My Night' is her debut as a writer and director. With Lou Lampros in her first leading role and Tom Mercier, known from Nadav Lapid's 'Synonymes', it is fantastically cast.


A romantic drama, somnambulistic, immediate and whimsical like the French New Wave: Marion stays out late and knows what she doesn’t want.

In subtle glances and uncertain gestures, a first love is just around the corner. Eighteen-year-old Marion needs to go out. She’s had an argument with her mother, and tempers are flaring. Today would have been her late sister’s birthday. Marion wants to be with her friends, to feel free, to be herself.

It’s summer in Paris. The magical banks and bridges of St. Martin’s canal beckon. The men flirt; the women, too. Marion lets herself go. One small adventure leads to another until a different kind of man enters her life.

Director Antoinette Boulat gives French cinema a breath of fresh air. With lightness and an eye for the details that make encounters so special, she creates a thoroughly modern film about falling in love that one is only too happy to fall in love with.

Countries: France, Belgium

2021 | 87 min | French
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Lou Lampros, Tom Mercier, Carmen Kassovitz, Lucie Saada, Angelina Woreth, Emmanuelle Bercot, Maya Sansa Screenplay_ Antoinette Boulat, Anne-Louise Trividic Cinematography_ Laetitia de Montalembert Producers_ Alain Benguigui, Marie-Jeann Pascal Rights_ Cercamon

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